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Dr. Wade's Rustici Wellness Center
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Your Health is Important!

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Dr. Wade's RUSTICI WELLNESS CENTER administers a multitude of care from highly qualified and certified health practitioners.

RWC offers the latest technology and software found ONLY in Dr. Wade's office, including true, customized digital 3-D X-rays, a state of the art decompression table, and posture screenings. By capturing specific chiropractic angles, digital 3-D X-rays are a key tool in helping patients who physically showed subluxation and/or degenerative changes to hold or better maintain their adjustments.

Dr. Wade, D.C. specializes in the Blair Technique, a chiropractic method that starts by looking at your spine through a series of customized 3-D X-rays. Once the doctor analyzes the patient's skeletal structure, he can move forward to help correct the problem in the most efficient way. No more guesswork. By ensuring your upper cervical area is properly aligned you can have a balanced, healthy spine and body.

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"Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives." - Louise Hay


Dr. Wade Rustici, D.C.

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We offer more than chiropractic, such as massage therapy, laser treatment, acupuncture, and restorative or hatha yoga.