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Success Stories

-Elizabeth M. 
               Before I came to see Dr. Wade I was in an enormous amount of pain. I couldn't walk, sit or lay down without being extremely uncomfortable. It turned out that I had a bulging disc (L5). I did a few months of Decompression Therapy and Adjustments and I can now walk, sit and lay down with NO Pain! I feel like the injury never happened and I am now back to my normal life. Wade is an amazing Dr., full of knowledge and compassion. He always has had my best interest at heart and I can't thank him enough for helping me!

                I thought back pain was something to be expected, something normal after having kids. Turns out I was wrong. Having my third child fractured my tail bone and also caused my lower lumbar (L5-S1) to become compressed, resulting in extreme constant pain. I was reliant on heavy pain meds to make it through the day to function somewhat normally. All I wanted to do was lay around on the couch all day and not do any sort of activity that would aggravate my back any worse than it already was. Having to tell your kids constantly that you can’t play with them because “mommy is in too much pain” doesn’t fly too well with three little ones and I just made myself depressed. This continued for two – three years until I met Dr. Wade. He could tell instantly that something was off and after taking 3-D X-Rays it confirmed his analysis. After some treatments on his decompression table and regular adjustments we’ve been able to keep my lower back pain under control, resulting in myself no longer being reliant on pain meds to make it through the day. I am so thankful that I met Dr. Wade and that he’s been able to help me! I know that there are other people out there in the same predicament or worse than I was, and all I can say is that you need to see Dr. Wade and stop suffering, it’s definitely worth every penny to have your life back and no longer be in pain!  

               In late 2015 I was set up to have a total hip replacement surgery on my left hip in January 2016. While waiting for this time to come I began to experience tingling and numbness going down my left leg every morning after getting out of bed. This feeling would stay with me most of the morning. I went to see Dr. Wade with this problem and he determined that it was a problem stemming from my already diagnosed degenerative disc disease in L4/L5 and was not being caused from my hip problem.
               The decision was to begin decompression therapy on my lower back. I agreed to the treatment because I wanted to get this taken care of by surgery time in January. I began decompression almost immediately and with two weeks the tingling and numbness had already begun to subside. After 22 decompression treatments on my low back I had no more numbness or tingling going down my left leg. Hip surgery in January was a total success. So now with no more hip pain and no more problems with numbness, I was a new woman. Thank you Dr. Wade, you are the best!
With intermittent decompression treatments on my low back I remain free of this problem. It is such a grand feeling knowing that I can count on Dr. Wade to keep my spine in align and unsubluxated. He has been my chiropractor for a long time and I have total faith and belief in him 150% to keep my spine in good condition.
              I am now on another journey of success with decompression on my cervical spine. I have put ME, in his hands (which by the way are the size of baseball mitts) and I have all the confidence in the world it will be successful. I have no doubt and no fears about Dr. Wade and his treatment for my neck. It has only been two weeks of decompression treatments and I already feel a difference. Nutrients, energy, and blood flow are coming back into C4, C5, and C6. Not to mention how much better I am sleeping, like a baby.
Rustici Wellness, the place to be for all your needs! Thank you Dr. Wade

​-Ty N.
              I had been experiencing problems with my lower back, shoulder movements, and arms feeling asleep periodically. I was also experiencing sharp pains, which then lead to lack of daily focus and movement. I had suffered with this problem for a few years over numerous accidents that took place. Random pains, which then lead to my body “self-adjusting” and cracking at any movement. We started my treatments with regular therapy sessions a few times a week. At first I was sore and some treatments were painful but then everything became more comfortable and my body truly feels much better. Wade is the Beez Kneez!

-Corrie Hazlett
              My story starts back in Junior High, I was about 14 years old at the time in gym class for gymnastics. We were to flip over the horse and land on our feet on the mat on the other side. Two spotters, one on each side of the horse to make sure our hands where on the horse when we landed, but my spotters where to busy talking instead of doing any spotting for me at the time. Well needless to say my hands barely touched the horse and I hit the mat. The only bad thing was, when I hit the mat I landed on my neck with my knees in my face. It was terrible. I can still hear the snapping and popping that happened when I landed. It wasn't good, but at that age I didn't think much of it. The spotters nor the teacher seemed to be very concerned about what happened, so I brushed it off and flat out refused to do it again.

              Fast forward to age 38, a good friend got me to go with him to Dr. Rustici's office. I got my first appointment set up, X-Rays were done and my first adjustment was done. That night I slept like a baby for the first time in years and was able to sleep on my back, which I hadn't been able to do. After reviewing my X-Rays again, Dr. Wade discovered that my neck and lower back had been damaged in the tumble from years ago. I was suffering from major headaches and losing the feeling in my hands. We then started doing decompressions on my neck. After several pulls and a few months later we finally got my neck back to normal and the numbness in my hands was gone.

              Fast forward to October 2016, I got rear-ended. Traffic had come to a stop. The car in front of me stopped but the guy behind me didn't. He hit me doing 75mph and it was so hard that it threw me into the car in front of me. I was thrown back and forth in the car just like a tennis ball. What made matters worse, the guy that hit me left the scene. Drove off like it was not a big deal. As soon as we were done talking to the police and doing reports, we towed my car back to the house and my daughter took me straight to see Dr. Wade. As we were sitting there waiting, you could see my right arm and fingers start to swell, and the numbness was starting to come back into my hand again.

              Dr. Wade got me adjusted and got my shoulder popped back where it should be. That following Monday, I came back for some X-Rays to see exactly what damage was done. Everything we had just fixed before the accident was out worse then what it was the first time. My hands kept going numb constantly, I was devastated. Even though we started pulling on my neck again and getting adjustments, things just didn't feel like they were changing. I was hurting all the time and had bad headaches again. After two months of treatment I went to my regular doctor and asked for an MRI to be done on my neck to see if there was something we were missing. Sure enough I had pinched nerves where all the damage was in my neck delaying me feeling better.

              I started to drop things from my right hand out of the blue. Dr. Wade kept telling me to hang in there and that things will get better. We started doing Massage Therapy with Ashley to help break down all the scar tissue that had already started to develop in my back and neck. It started to help and made it easier for the decompression table and Dr. Wade to get things to move.

              With all the work that Dr. Wade was doing to make my neck and hands right again. I had to do something to show my appreciation for all that he had done for me and my family. Since I was getting more feeling back in my hands, I was able to crochet again. So I crocheted him a blanket especially for him and the office. It took a little over 3 months to complete, but with Dr. Wades adjustments, pulling on the decompression table and Ashley's massages, I was able to keep crocheting.

              We are six months in to working all the last kinks out of my neck and hands. We are getting there one day at a time, but I know that Dr. Wade and his staff will get me back to where I need to be. It has been a long haul to get where we are, and it takes time, but well worth the effort to not have headaches daily and to be able to feel your hands again.

Thank you Dr. Wade!

              I lived with chronic neck and back pain for so many years that I couldn’t remember how it felt not to have pain. On most days, the pain awakened me at 3:00 or 4:00 a.m., and I would hang in traction so that I could get through the day. Pain had permeated my entire body and was becoming increasingly worse with each passing day.

              After x-rays and some medical tests, Dr. Rustici explained the results to me. I had several medical challenges. One of the medical tests showed that my level of pain was “off the chart” in some areas. I had three completely fused vertebra and another vertebra that was in the process of becoming completely fused. My spine was diagnosed as advanced stage 3.

              I have been a patient of Dr. Wade’s for a number of years and have received regular chiropractic care. I can now say that my vertebra are not fused, and my spine is almost normal. Through the years that I have been his patient, Dr. Wade has improved my quality of life. Now, I am able to live my life almost pain free.

              Dr. Wade is a remarkable doctor who truly cares for his patients. The greatest tribute that I can give to Dr. Wade Rustici is to share – with everyone I know and everyone I meet – the gift of healing that he can provide to so many people.

-Tami A. 
              I was referred to Dr. Wade by a co-worker who claimed that he was able to help her with Fibromyalgia pain.
I had been recently suffering with over all body pain that was diagnosed as Fibromyalgia by a specialist and suffered with a bad case of TMJ that my dentist was unable to help me with even after trying a custom made device designed to relieve the jaw pain.
             On my initial visit with Dr. Wade, he took a 3-D x-ray of my back and neck and discovered that I had some real issues with my neck which he explained would cause all the symptoms that was I was plagued with.
             He was able to adjust my neck and jaw and over subsequent visits all of my symptoms were relieved. I no longer need the medication that was prescribed for the Fibro pain and can now chew pain free and am able to open my mouth wide without discomfort.

             At the age of 74, Tim Lutz's motto is "It's NEVER too late to get fit!" If you're interested in turning your life around or know someone who is please contact him at Flex 365 Gym in Lee's Summit, MO. “I give a lot of credit to Dr. Wade Rustici for keeping me in shape to allow me to do everything that I do. Regular adjustments from Dr. Wade help keep my muscles and bones in place so that I can body build, and help others do the same.”

              January 19, 2016 entered Centerpoint Hospital for a full hip replacement on the left side. Surgery was successful and I stayed in the hospital for three days before going home. The day after surgery I noticed an uncomfortable feeling in my upper chest area closer to my larynx. Tightness and swelling, almost like a feeling one would have of trapped gas bubble. I ordered and drank a Dr Pepper thinking that would help release this, but no luck. The swelling went down but replacing it was a burning feeling along with difficulty in swallowing. I reported this to nurses but had no response from the report. The hospitalist even came around every day and I reported it to him. Well it seemed it was not an important problem so there was no action taken or even a follow up visit from any Doctor.
After a few days the symptoms were not worse but not better and I found myself at times choking on my own spittle upon swallowing. Because I am not a whiner or complainer I went on dealing with this. When the hospital human affairs people called to ask how my overall visit was I explained to them for the most part a good experience except for the throat situation. Again, no follow up or recommendations as to what I should do. So I continued on to concentrate on my recovery from surgery.
            As the weeks and months went by I recovered very nicely from the hip relacement. But I continued to have a feeling in my throat like an irritation of sorts and at times difficulty in swallowing, especially pills and sometimes to even swallow spittle. When the allergy season started about April/May of 2016 I had numerous problems with congestion and especially irritation in my throat. After several visits to my PC Doctor and several rounds of Prednizone pills and shot, plus allergy medicine, over the counter and prescribed, Dr. Clark decided I had asthma and gave me some breathing treatments, not to mention two types of inhalers. As this was all helping for short periods of time I would just get congested all over again once the affects of the drugs were gone. The one symptom I started to have quiet frequently was hoarseness. It seemed anything I did, did not offer relieve or make it better. I gargled with salt water, I did sinus rinses with no help for this new symptom.
            My PC Doctor recommended I see an allergist and also a gastro doctor implying I might possibly have GERD. I did go to an allergist, had 40 pricks to my back which showed no reaction. Allergist did a breathing test which she said did not indicate any lung issues or asthma. hmmm, interesting, ok so now what do I do and why am I so congested and hoarse. No answer to my satisfaction. Next step was to see a gastroenterologist and after having a Endoscopy it was discovered I had a small hole in my stomach and a Hiatial Hernia. So after 10 weeks of medication (Omeprizol) and another Endoscopy, my stomach was healed. With the horseness still a daily thing I decided to see an ENT Doctor. The doctor took a C scan of sinus's and checked me over very thoroughly. Sinus's all clear and no signs of asthma.
            About this time it was into fall and I was doctor weary and not really knowing what to do next, I talked to my chiropractor I had worked for awhile and she suggested I get a blood test called an IGG. So off I went to another doctor and she and I had a nice chat about what I had been going through and what I wanted was to find out if I had been injured while during my hip surgery from the intibation tube that was pulled out after surgery. My suspicions all along that I had been injured and had scar tissue. Well, the IGG blood work was significant for many things but still no answer to why I was hoarse and why I had constant mucus issues in my throat. I always felt like there was something in there, a shelf or something making it difficult to swallow and also keeping me hoarse. After I pointed this out to Dr. Susan that all this stuff going on but still had not addressed the continued issue in my throat the doctor suggested we try a cold-lazer treatment, which I agreed to and actually felt that it helped. I continued with the cold-lazer treatments for 6 or 7 times and I felt a significant change in my hoarseness.
            Shortly there after I went to see Dr. Wade Rustici because I knew he had a state of the art x-ray machine that could take an x-ray of my throat and C-Spine and be able to see if there were any problems in there. Sure enough x-rays showed significant scar tissue and compressed vertibra C3, C4, and C5 causing a bone protrusion right at the place where my larynx was.
            I started Decompression Therapy at Dr. Wades office, along with Ultrasound therapy for scar tissue from Dr. James and within a month the hoarseness was gone. I continued with Decompression for several more weeks to help with the cervical degeneration going on and after 30 or more treatments a second x-ray was taken and showed significant change in the spaces between C3, C4, and C5. I truly feel like the Decompression, Cold-Lazer treatments and Ultra-Sound helped with the scar tissue thus helping with the hoarseness.
            I am very pleased with the treatments and the results I received from Dr. Wade. Primarily, having no more hoarseness. 

            Diagnosed with Intermediate Uveitis around November 2012.  She was treated for this condition with Prednisone and Methotrexate to no avail until June 2013.  The Rheumatologis  and Opthamologist  wanted to add Infliximab to her meds.  We refused treatment and pursued natural remedies because her immune system had already been compromised.  Also Infliximab needed to be administered under close medical observation due to severe allergic reactions. Our iridologist, encouraged us to see a chiropractor who specialized in orthogonal adjustments specifically trained to adjust the atlas bone. We first went to see a different Chiropractor  in Sept 2013, who adjusted her atlas with immediate results to her left eye; she was seeing 20/100 before the adjustment. He was not able to get P.G.'s atlas to adjust on the opposite side due to an abnormal bone growth which did not show up on her X-Rays. Which led us to Dr. Rustici's office. When we went to Dr. Rustici's in April 2014, his 3D X-Ray revealed the problem. After one atlas adjustment in April 2014 P.G.'s vision improved from seeing 20/250 in the right eye to seeing almost perfectly, around 20/40. With continued chiropractic her vision remains clear at 20/20 with no setbacks to the uveitis condition.  After one adjustment her vision changed from 20/250 to 20/40 overnight and then to 20/20 within a few days. 20/250 is considered legally blind. 

     I lived with chronic neck and back pain for so many years that I couldn’t remember how it felt not to have pain.   I suffered with headaches that sometimes became so debilitating I had to go to the emergency room for relief. The left side of my face was numb, I was losing the feeling in both of my arms, the range of motion in my neck was limited, and I couldn’t even take deep breaths.   On most days, the pain awakened me at 3:00 or 4:00 a.m. and I would hang in traction to be able to make it through the day. Pain had permeated my entire body and was becoming increasingly worse with each passing day
     Within the past year, I had suffered two episodes of stroke-like symptoms.  Extensive medical tests after each of these episodes did not find any evidence of a stroke
     After x-rays and some medical tests, Dr. Rustici explained the results to me.  Dr. Rustici was extremely patient and understanding as he answered my questions.
      I had several medical challenges.   One of the medical tests showed that my level of pain was “off the chart” in some areas.  I had a double harmonic neck curve, three completely fused vertebra, another vertebra that was in the process of becoming completely fused, and scoliosis.  My spine was diagnosed as advanced stage 3.
     The axis in my back/neck was locked.   Dr. Rustici explained the Blair chiropractic technique to me and how he would unlock my axis.  He made certain that I was positioned correctly on the chiropractic table, made precise measurements, and told me when he was going to put my axis in place.  The procedure took no more than a few seconds, but the results were dramatic. I had relief from the constant pain in my neck and back.
     I have been a patient of Dr. Wade Rustici’s for a number of years and have received regular chiropractic care.  I can now say that my vertebra are not fused, and my spine is almost normal. Through the years that I have been his patient, Dr. Rustici has improved my quality of life.  Now, I am able to live my life almost pain free.
     Dr. Wade Rustici provides outstanding medical care for many people’s ailments and helps them regain a quality of life that they might never know.
     Dr. Wade is a remarkable doctor who truly cares for his patients.  The greatest tribute that I can give to Dr. Wade is to share – with everyone I know and everyone I meet – the gift of healing that he can provide to so many people.

-Aaron Bisby
     I have always been an active person - a work hard, play hard type. I enjoy skateboarding, bicycling, and golf, and as far as work I have always felt more comfortable using my engineering schooling and experience by being hands-on labor than working in the office. In the fall of 2016 I was involved in an accident at work; I was twisted violently at the waist and thrown to the ground by a motorized auger when it hit a rock that stopped the boring bit. The following day was a Friday; I was very sore but figured that I would heal over the weekend. By Sunday morning it was obvious that I was hurt worse than I first thought; I couldn’t move without intense pain, my left leg was numb in places and my toes were ice cold and had that “pins and needles” feeling. It was so excruciating to move and walking was so difficult that I had to use crutches just to move around the house. The pinch I could feel in my back radiated a unique, thought numbing pressure. My sciatic nerve was constantly raw and aching, shooting bolts of agony through my butt, hip, and knee. I wasn’t able to do anything to find comfort, my digestion started causing me issues, I wasn’t able to sleep restfully, and by Monday morning I was unable to focus on anything but the pain.
     I went to see my General Practitioner who examined my back and sent me for an MRI he told me to stay off my feet as much as I could, and when the MRI returned I was immediately sent to see a specialist that my GP recommended. The very first visit with the specialist (a surgeon), the first treatment that he discussed was surgery, which I saw as the last course of action, rather than the first. He continued to discuss the successes he believed he could offer through surgery, aftercare, months of physical therapy, and the “possible but unlikely limitations and side effects.”  I have several friends and family that have had back surgery, and I have witnessed and heard about the reality of their results. Very few of them have felt significantly better after the fact, complaints about range of mobility, and some have mentioned a continuing soreness; that while better than the original pain, still affects their moods and quality of life. Due to how important my active lifestyle is to my personal quality of life, I felt that it was worth the time (even in such pain) to speak with my friends with back issues, to my GP again, my Chiropractor, as well as anyone else I could think of for more treatment options.
     Seeking multiple opinions and looking for an option that didn’t begin with “cutting into me with hopes of finding a fix to my problem.” was wearing me down. I was in so much pain I didn’t want to leave the house, I wasn’t eating, and my thoughts were getting increasingly dark and pessimistic. My days were a blur of bad dreams when I could sleep, awkward trips to the bathroom while fumbling with crutches, and hours of staring at the celling above the bed. The depression was growing as fast as my debts. I had spent most my savings going to several doctors, I had no job to go back to, and I was still under this thought clouding pain. I was beginning to think I was out of options, and I was feeling very worthless. I had never been without a job for over twenty years; so much of how good I felt about myself was dependent on my ability to provide for my family, and losing my income forced many dramatic changes to our budget and activities. Instead of just making it by we were quickly running out of money, we had spent all my savings and I was being harassed by my creditors daily. I lost friends who thought I was being stubborn and stupid for not going in for surgery, even being told by one of them that they couldn’t watch me “just give up.” I missed the holidays with my family that year, I stopped answering the phone, looking at the mail, watching television, or making any effort to interact with nearly everyone.  After several weeks of phone calls to request a copy of my tests from the last 3 months, I was finally able to receive them as well as a copy of my MRI.
     I brought Dr. Wade Rustici a copy of my MRI and asked for his advice. I had seen him in the past for other issues I had with earlier accidents and injuries, as well as periodic maintenance. My wife & I are firm believers that much of modern medicine is a blessing, but that often there often multiple perspectives on potential treatment paths – and I knew that I wanted to begin with the least invasive, while retaining the most control over my own outcome. I knew that I could trust Dr. Wade to give me options to try instead of surgery. After reviewing my MRI, he brought me into his office to discuss his suggestions. He was very specific when he showed me exactly what my issue was, the using the images of my back to explain that I had a localized bulge in one of my lower discs as well as swelling and that the positions of my lower vertebrae were placing more pressure on that disc – quite simply it was pinching the nerve and making everything hurt! It may sound obvious that he walked me through exactly what the issue was during that consult for this injury, but the other doctors had not felt the need to simply sit down, show me the images that they were looking at, and tell me why they were in such a rush to hustle me into major decisions.
     Evidently the ‘bulge’ in the disk was so dramatic that all of the doctors were shocked that it had not ruptured, some had nearly laughed at me when I told them the activity level I expected to get back to. Dr. Wade was clear and honest with me when he told me that it would not be an easy road back to ‘normal.’ He was very clear that his treatment plan would require time, as well as work on my part, but that is where I was able to feel a certain level of control over my own outcome.
To begin with he advised a treatment of decompressions, rest, specific postures to avoid, and some supplements in the effort to provide the correct encouragement, and environment for my injury to begin the healing process. It took about a month of twice weekly decompressions for the swelling to subside and for my back to start to loosen up, the spacing between the vertebrae started to improve and for the first time in nearly three months I started to feel less pain and more hope. He gave me additional stretches and basic physical therapy postures & exercises to introduce into my personal regimen on a regular basis. Even today I find that I have to perform some of the stretches two or three times a day to feel ‘right,’ but I have been this active all of my 43 years and even without significant injury, I was unlikely to remain this active at this point in my life without any additional effort. It sounds like a lot of time & work, and frankly it can be some days - but when faced with the prospect of move more, do more… or you simply won’t be able to even have the choice… it really becomes quite a simple decision.
     Little more than a year later I have returned to most of my previous activities, including (my favorite) Skateboarding. I have the occasional bad days where I feel a little stiff and sore in the region but those times are becoming more infrequent. I still do daily stretches for maintenance as much as mobility and I tend to be more mindful of how I feel while being active. I know that I made the right decision, when I decided I needed more professional consultations before making such a life changing decision. I knew I could always escalate the measures being used on my injury – but you just can’t take some things back. I may not be the 100% that I was when I was 20, but none of us are. I’m just grateful to be able to be so well & remain decidedly active as I happily spend time in my 40s.

       I started seeing Dr. Rustici in June 2018 about headaches and neck pain. My wife had mentioned to me that there was a chiropractor in Lee's Summit who specialized in migraines and brain stem issues, but at the time it seemed too far away. After this particular weekend I was ready to make an appointment. 
       In the past 38 years I've had 5 surgeries in my neck and lower spine and had started having some neurological issues. When I first met with Dr. Rustici he had his assistant, Gretchen, take photos of my posture and some x-rays of my head and neck. Gretchen has been amazing from day one answering questions and dealing with our insurance company. 
       My wife and I then met with Dr. Rustici and massage therapist Ashley. They told me what they thought they could do given my prior surgeries and the scar tissue that was in my neck. It would take some time, but they were confident they could improve my quality of life.
       At that time, I could barely turn my head and my posture was way forward. Over the next few weeks I saw Ashley twice a week and Dr. Rustici three times a week. Between Ashley massaging and breaking down the scar tissue and Dr. Rustici adjusting and strengthening my neck I've gotten much more range of motion and less pain in my neck. It hasn't always been easy and there have been some minor setbacks, but I'm feeling better now than I have in a number of years. 
       I've seen numerous other chiropractors and doctors over the years, but none of their treatments have been as helpful or dramatic in improving my condition as the treatment I've received at Rustici Wellness Center.

     I started seeing Dr. Rustici because I had been diagnosed with Vertigo by medical doctors. I was having dizzy spells several times a day. (It was worse when I was lying down and would look to the right) The medical doctors just kept telling me that it would just take time for the symptoms to go away and gave me motion sickness medication to subdue any nausea that I got from the dizziness. After about a month of not improving I decided to go a different route. Dr. Rustici took x-rays of my neck and back and found out that my neck was out of place and that I had “Tech-Neck”. Poor posture seems to run in my family, as my mother and aunt have this same issue. After my first adjustment I could definitely tell a difference. The dizziness got better, and the “spells” happened less and less. Also, since I started getting adjusted, my posture has improved. Slowly but surely, I’m getting back to the angle that my neck and back should be naturally. (I was 3 inches off!) I have also received a couple of deep tissue massages to help release the muscles in my neck and back that helped allowed the adjustments to hold longer.




***Please remember, not every person/body is created the same. Results and recovery time will vary from patient to patient.***

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