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Improve your treatment plan with a massage by our Massage Therapist Ashley. Ashley is a licensed massage therapist who graduated from Everest College at the top of her class! She specializes in Deep Tissue Therapy; Aromatherapy, Scar Tissue, Reflexology, Hot/Cold Therapy, Sports Massage and Hot Stone Massage are also available. Book your appointment today! She books up fast!

Services Offered by Ashley are listed below,

Deep Tissue Massage - Targeted massage to release tension in tight, sore and fatigued muscles.

Full Body - Targeting all over relaxation, muscle discomfort and tension.

Scar Tissue - The breakdown of thickened, fibrous, and damaged tissues.

Aromatherapy - Adding an essential oil aromatically and topically to the massage. This is to amplify the experience, heal and relax. Essential oils not only relax the senses but are proven to aide in healing by absorption through the skin.

Reflexology - Massage applied to specific points on the feet to promote and accelerate overall healing.

Cold Stone - Natural stones that are cool to the touch at room temperature used to reduce inflammation. Often used on the face to reduce pressure and inflammation in the sinus cavities.

Hot Stone - Natural smooth volcanic rocks heated and used to relax and relieve sore tense muscles. Hot stones are a great way to flush toxins such as lactic acid and other toxins that can cause tight and tired muscles. 

Cupping/Vacuum Therapy - Common uses for cupping therapy include, scar tissue breakdown, lymphatic liquefaction and trigger point therapy. A deep tissue technique using suction, this in turn separates fascia and adhesions in the superficial tissue layers, these layers of tissue can lock in toxins like lactic acid. Cupping/Vacuum techniques can flush these toxins, introduce blood and increase lymph flow.

Sports Massage - Fast paced massage and stretching pre/post workout to improve and aide in muscle recovery.

Massage Therapy Pricing: 


Deep Tissue Massage:                     
30 minutes - $40.00 
60 minutes - $70.00 
90 minutes - $100.00   

Full Body Massage: 
60 minutes - $80.00 
90 minutes - $110.00   

Full Body Hot Stone

60 minutes - $100.00
90 minutes - $130.00

Additional Massage Techniques:

Scar Tissue +$5.00
Aromatherapy +$5.00
Reflexology +$5.00
Cold Stone +$5.00
Hot Stone +$10.00
Sports Massage +$10.00


*Refer a friend/family get $10.00 off!

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